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Ryan Barnhart
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Default When do you go to a two rein?

Just curious what different people use as a guide of when to switch a horse into the two rein. My horse isn't ready yet but I love to hear different peoples thoughts of what you like your horse to be able to do before you go to a two rein.....
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Default two-rein

I like too ride sometimes about a year to two years in the hackmore. I will have already had the horse in a smaller maybe 3/8th bosal, for a few months before i introduce the bit. Then ill ride for while still in full control with just a bosal, but too have the horse carry the bit before a while before i start introducing ques. I think it helps him get use too the weight of the bit i have selected, and he gets use, and is comfortable with the bit just being in the mouth. He gets too play around with the roller er whatever.
"When the horse understands what you want, he will do what that is, right up to the limit of his physical capacity and sometimes well beyond it." - Bill Dorrance
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