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Default Two Rein grip

I'm posting these pics of how I hold the two rein. I'm including my comments on why also. Remember, there are no set way to do this, what ever works for you and your horse is fine.

1st pic:

Two rein grip 1.jpg
If you run the mecate rein separated like this when you start out, you'll have an easier time helping your horse to lead with the nose by shortening up on one side or the other. (When roping, I let the connector rest on my thumb like this and flip the romal over on the left side, out of the way of the coils).
I grip the mecate with my right hands fist and keep it clenched.


Two rein grip 2.jpg
By rotating my right hand thumb up, I automatically shorten my left mecate rein, enabling me to help bump the nose alittle if necessary.
By rotating my right hand thumb down, I shorten the right mecate rein.

Like all things it might take alittle practice to get the feel of this and have it working smooth and fluent.


Two rein grip 3.jpg
You can use the buttons on the reins like markers, (resting them on your thumb) having the lover one mark where the bridle reins make contact and are active and the top button mark where they are loose and make no contact.

Anyway, that's how I do it, fire away! is offline   Reply With Quote
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Rex Easley
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Good stuff.
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Princeton Blue Elch
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Thank you so much for the visuals!
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I am about to start another horse in the two-rein and thought I would bump this back up to the top. The visuals on this thread are great! Also here is a video of Martin Black and how he works the two-rein.

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