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Originally Posted by DocsMinnieElixer View Post
Thank you, my mare seems to work just fine in the 1/4" but I didn't know if I would be helping myself and my horse with the 3/8 or if the 1/4 would be too soft or not have enough feel. Excited to get the new romel reins and see how they feel. Keeping fingers crossed!
Keep us posted on how the reins turn out. As for the 3/8ths vs the 1/4 one won't necessarily be softer than the other. The softness has to do with the core that is in the bosal. Or the smaller you go there is no need for a core, and the softness comes from the strings and the braiding not the diameter. Just like in a 5/8ths there are some that are stiffer than others, the smaller bosals have different feels to them. The smaller the diameter the less signal you transmit to the horse. But a smaller diameter bosal has more "bite" to it. The signal is transmitted over less surface area. The reason why you go smaller and smaller is to refine your cues to your horse. And you less movement in your reins. I will sometimes drop down a size and use it for a month or so and then switch back to the larger size if my horse isn't responding how I like. It depends on your horse and the way you ride, also most of the time the sizing isn't correct. Your 1/4 might actually be closer to a 3/8ths, I would say give it a try and see how it goes.
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Thank you. I actually got the reins today and I LOVE them! I actaully made another post under leather and tack section to recommend the seller as they were o helpful and really surprised me with how nice the reins feel, exactly as described, and very helpful people.

The bosalita I have is very soft, and the strands are quite thin. She does seem to work really well in it, even without a bit in her mouth. Though she works well in just a rope halter, or with just a rope around her neck also. I don't like to touch their face if it's not necessary, so most of my cues are from seat and leg and I'll just ask her to soften her face if she's getting a little too low headed or high headed to get her back to neutral. She tends to want to drop her head too low and point her nose out so i have to just remind her here and there to pick herself up a bit. That is remnant of her reining training where a horse working with their head really low is encouraged. I guess for now I will just say, "if it's not broke, don't fix it" and continue with the 1/4" bosalita until I see a need for the 3/8". I do find that with the 1/4 mane hair mecate I have on that bosal, it's lacking weight or feel and is a bit limp. I have always heard that you don't want a wider mecate than bosal though, so I havnt looked into getting a thicker mecate without first getting the 3/8" bosal. They are a good quality mecate, just so thin that neither myself nor the horse get a lot of signal until I've really picked my hand up and engaged the bosal.
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