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From a linguistic point of view, I wonder about the origins of phrases, and the regional differences. Words can stimulate certain images in one's mind. But the images can be vastly different from one person to another. The meaning of a phrase may be very subjective, due to personal experience, or lack of it. We can say a horse is trained correctly, but then differ on what correct actually is. Straight up seems to imply an assumption of quality. I had not differentiated between that quality and saying a horse was in the bridle. Because to me, in the bridle implied the same quality. When you watch a horse and then see him in a bad moment. we say, that horse just came out of the bridle! As when you see a horse run straight through a hackamore. So a horse can be working in the bridle, and then not work so good. We say, that horse came out of the bridle. Which would suggest some steps were not taken.
A stock horse contest of any kind should be judged by a uniform standard of expectation and requirements. A group of people get together and say, this is how we want a horse to work. This is how what used be the California Reined Cowhorse Assoc. started. Now there are splinter groups that may think its going in the wrong direction, and needs to get back to the roots. So then you see the Californio competitions. Either way, it is about and expectation of a quality and a standard that everyone can agree to.
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I am new, hi everyone. Glad you have this forum.

My old Pop said,

'If he is a good horse you can fight on him in close quarters with your reins loose and a sabre in your right hand.

I think of these words.

In battle you could not be shoving, pulling or pushing.

Because you were trying to avoid getting killed.
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