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Lightbulb Does anyone reconize this spade?

I wanted to know more information on this spade bit I have. It is for sure silver because the whole bit was tarnished and I am currently working hard on buffing it. But all I know that it is stamped Star Steel Silver (with a star symbol at the end) The stamp is placed right below the cricket. Anyways if anyone else has info on this spade let me know...value, age etc Thank you!


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It is probably nickel silver. The ones I have seen on ebay and such are not very valuauble. It is a copper alloy with nickel, copper, and zinc. Otherwise known as German Silver. Sometimes they engrave them also. But it is not silver, to be sure.

Just look up star steel silver bits on a search engine.

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I did look it up. But couldn't find that exact bit. Thank you for some info I know its not German silver because since German silver contains no actual silver, it does not tarnish as silver does. This bit was defiantly tarnished. I am looking into nickel silver...or plated silver. That might be it.

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Far as material goes, "German silver", or copper/nickel alloys don't tarnish at all. If it was black, and responds to polishing with a tarnish remover for silver, it is silver, or silver plate. Try a magnet on it - that may tell you if it's plate (although a lot of silver-plated items are silver over copper or bronze)
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Rex Easley
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Looks like a Slister style spade. Probably a stainless steel mouthpiece and nickle silver cheeks or some where even chrome plated.
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