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Originally Posted by Rustybucket View Post
Would someone please be kind enough to thoroughly explain to me what is meant by a "bridle horse?" Thanks.
A bridle horse is a very advanced horse in the traditional Vaquero or Californio style of riding. They are usually ridden in a fancy silver adorned Spade bit and are trained to respond to the slightest cue and the softest feel. When you see one of these horses ridden correctly it is a pure work of art of the highest degree. It takes years of riding and an extreme amount of finesse to accomplish this level of training. If you do it traditionally you start the horse in a bigger diameter bosal such as a 5/8" and as they become softer you move to a smaller diameter 1/2" bosal and then to a 3/8" until you are ready to move into the Two Rein stage. This is a stage where you use an under-bridle which is a small diameter 3/8" or 1/4" bosal or bosalita with a bridle and spade bite over the under-bridle. You will ride with your bosal or bosalita at first and just let your horse get use to the weight and the balance of the spade bit hanging in their mouth. Then you will progressively use more of your romel reins that attach to your spade and less of your mecate which is attached to your bosal. A horse that is Straight Up in the bridle is a horse that can be ridden with out the aid of the under-bridle. I hope this helps. If I have left anything out or misinformed Rusty please correct me.
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Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. I appreciate it so much that you took the time to share your knowledge. There is so much mis-information being passed around by people who don't know what they're talking about.

All one has to do is watch someone like Buck Brannaman to see the dance between a straight up bridle horse and his human.

Thanks again!
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I can say from lots of years of experience (60+ riding and training) that a good bridle horse that is well leg commanded is extremely hard to sell, especially now days whereas most up and coming riders are never taught to use legs or how to ride a good bridle horse. The horse is way too advanced for the riders. But in my opinion there is nothing better to straddle than a well trained bridle horse. I started out on Red Lotts World Champion Hackamore Horse Red Top when I was about 6 showing reining and working cowhorse.
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