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Default Riding the Spade at Speed

Had a conversation with a man a few days ago who mentioned that he didn't think the spade bit was for things that required high speed. Wondering what everyones thoughts are on that? I have a bit that is 4 1/2" tall, I occasionally open my horse up while riding. But it is hard for the horse to hold the bit when they have to stick there neck out and run. When they aren't balancing the bit it is hard to work off of signals and leverage comes more into play. So in these circumstances when you are working cows and things are getting faster, would you switch to a shorter spoon spade that is only 2 1/2" tall or a half breed? Wondering what your thoughts are on the pros and cons of each..
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I think this is largely a product of the misconception about how the spade works. Although Les Vogt has said that he rarely rides straight up in the bridle because its "risky" or something like that. So possibly he knows something I don't.
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