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Never saw thrush on range horses. I always associated it with dirty stalls and mucky corrals. Glad to see "bleach" suggested, we always treated with Chlorox . . . and kept 'em clean.
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I make up my own solution in a spray bottle ...copper sulphate cider vinegar and a treat every time...
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There's this stuff out there called "Thrush Magic" - I had a very bad case of thrush with this one horse. It wasn't rampant but it was deep in his collateral grooves and central sulcus. I tried a number of things - purple things, green things, sugar-dine, a mixture of bacitracin and athlete's foot name it I tried it. The thing that really got this stubborn bit to go away was the cow mastitis stuff - Today or Tomorrow (can't remember which) and Thrush Magic. I prefer the Thrush Magic because it's a thicker goo that really stuck to the hoof even when it was wet and muddy out. The cow mastitis stuff worked great too but its a bit more liquidy than the Thrush Magic. I had this stuff (both the Today/Tomorrow & the Thrush Magic) clear up the thrush in 4 days.
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Val Gilbert
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I have learned that peroxide actually works pretty well and doesn't have the same problems as bleach (white spots on your boots!). I clean the foot really well. Rinse it off if possible. The pour on some peroxide. Since oxygen kills thrush all the tiny bubbles really get deep in there. I will even use my hoof pick to smoosh it in. Generally works in one treatment unless the foot gets really bad. Then it might take two.
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