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Default Fly problem at the barn

In preparation for winter I am boarding a few horses at the local fairgrounds. I found some bot fly eggs on my horses legs the other day. There are a lot of barn flies, like most barns there are a few people who don't keep there stalls very clean and the rest of us suffer. I am wondering for those of us who keep horses in stalls what have you found that works well for keeping those flies away. I am of the opinion that "Noah should have smashed the fly when he had the chance" I hate the stupid things, a few friends suggested that I put honey in some jars with plastic over the lid and a few slits in the top. Does anyone have any other home remedies or products that they have seen been effective?
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Hi Cattleman, this year I put out 3 traps for the flies. Two were cheap plastic wasp trap things, like a wide bottle, sealed at the top with a hole at the bottom and you put water and an attract in (sugar or sweet jelly) - and I actually caught more flies than wasps. The other trap was bought from eBay - called a Red Top fly trap. It's a conical polythene bag you put water into and mix in the supplied (stinking!) additive. Then you close the top with a lid but there is enough room for flies to crawl in under the lid, they go through a mesh tunnel and into the mix - and can't get out. Very effective.
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JB Horse
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Default JB Horse

We have used Fly Predator for 5 yrs.
When you follow their in dtructions, it works well. It goes after the eggs -- is a prevention. Does not deal with flies when already flying around.
It takes a season to begin the process. If you the timing & process; it works.

Obviously, the larger the area, you can lose effectiveness.

In Wisconsin; Our initial application is in April. March, if warm enough.
We spread it around barn, outdoor arena & the small grazing area (approx. 1/2 acre). The large pasture are not practical.

The Fly Predetor folks will you guidance.
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Could you please specify which kind of fly predator you use?
I just cannot find the thing that really works
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