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Default Neighbor has a few horse that have founder

My neighbor has about 120 horses and a few of them are showing signs of foundering. We have placed them in corrals on my property and put them on some more proper feed. There weight has dropped significantly in the last 10 days and we are actually starting to see some withers on these horses. They are beginning to look a lot healthier in the neck and shoulder. What do you guys use to help a horse when they are showing the symptoms of foundering? I know it is something that we now deal with domestic horses.
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For foundering horses they need the temperature brought down in their feet and looked at by a vet and a farrier. Usually you take foundered horses off of any grains and put them on a lower protein hay, but what is the reasoning for the founder. Was the grass young? Fertilized? Your typical pasture grass should not founder a horse unless it is early spring. Are you sure they are foundered, or are they just overweight and lacked in hoof care? I hope this is more so the case Generally you might see one or two in a pasture founder, but very seldom a whole herd
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Recent "thinking" holds that it's not just spring grasses that cause founder. Obviously over-feeding is a factor, so horses need management year-round, not just in the spring. A "cresty" horse will tend to have a tendency to founder.

Founder need not be full-blown laminitis . . . chronic conditions result in dropped soles and lameness. Chronic cases usually show rippled hoof walls.

Over-fat, easy-keep horses need to be managed in a dry corral, turned out on pasture only for short periods as their needs warrant. Of course, no grain!
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Question JB Horse

Please define "cresty."
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