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Default Horses Hoof health

What is the best hoof supplement???...Just curious...Did an online search...
found: Grand Hoof, Farrier's Formula and Horseshoer's Secret...any suggestions?
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Default A Trim

A right proper trim is all you need. Unless you shoe quite often of course.
"When the horse understands what you want, he will do what that is, right up to the limit of his physical capacity and sometimes well beyond it." - Bill Dorrance
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generally if a horse has a good diet, you should not need a hoof supplement. If their feet aren't good then there is something lacking in their feed and mineral intake. If that is the case I do use Equilix. It is a mineral supplement without the molasses so if they need it they will eat it, if they don't eat if they don't need it, an they aren't encouraged to eat it by it being coated with molasses as many trace mineral tubs are
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Since you are in California, I would check with Sally Hugg at California Trace for a good trace mineral supplement. The best way to supplement is to balance against the horse's diet. Typically copper and zinc is lacking in the diet along with an excess of iron. Iron prevents the uptake of copper and zinc. I wouldn't feed anything with added iron.

I like the Equilix product too but I don't believe horses will only eat what they need. For that product, Equi-Pride's granular supplement as a top dressing is what I have used. I have used the tubs in the past when out of town and horses are not getting daily supplements.

Specifically, why are you needing a hoof supplement?

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