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Teddy's Mom
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Default Is it okay for horses to eat pine tree branches?

I live in the Seattle area and quite often get pine tree branches blown in to my horses paddock. He LOVES to eat these branches and I want to find out if they're safe for him to eat. I've looked on the internet but can't really find anything definitive.
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Mike Moreshead
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The only thing I have heard bad about them chewing on pine is that the needles can cause a mare to abort late in her pregnancy. This is Ponderosa,
on the coast you probably are talking White Pine, But my guess is it is the same. Luck, Mike
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I don't know of any nutritional value, but my horses have occasionally nipped at the pine trees around here. I haven't seen any ill effects from it. Most of the pine trees on my ranch are picked at by all of the deer and elk so the horses have slim pickings when it comes to picking at the pines. I don't understand why you would want to chew on something prickly...
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Maddie's Avatar
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We don't really have a lot of pine trees in Australian paddocks, (if any) but friends had planted a row of pine trees up their driveway and I know the sap makes a hell of a sticky mess on a horse's coat if they rub on it.
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Angry Yew

I am not sure about anything toxic in a pine. I know mine eat some of their pine shavings bedding and seems not affect them. However, Yew is extremely toxic. I know of whole pens of heifers that have died because people trimmed their yew hedges and put the clippings in the pen with them.
I don't know if yew grows wild anywhere in the states, but be sure you know what it looks like.

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Brixton Boy
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Pine trees contain pine oil and rosin - which in turn contain terpineols.
I would not let my own horse each such vegetation indeed I'd worry why they tried.
Try contacting Hercules Powder Company they are the experts in pine oil technology.

As for yew - well it will kill. No question.
In the UK it is to be found in churchyards - don't ask me why - but it is.
Something to do with some ancient religious ritual.
Rip it out and burn it - it burns well.
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Yew is also the material the renowned British longbow was made from, BB. It does have some uses. Where I grew up in Alaska, they used imported yew to make brush bows for the front of the dog sleds.
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