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Default different colors of rawhide

Hi All

Can someone please explain to me why rawhide comes in different colors and how color affects quality?

Most rawhide is whitish or greyish, some with a green tone. Most romal reins and good quality hacks are of this kind. I understand that these color variations are due to the origin of the hide, i.e., what animal it comes from and also differences between individual animals (age, feeding, climate, etc.).

Recently I saw a hack the rawhide of which was more yellowish and also was sort of a little transparent. It felt less flexibel and not as smooth as the rather whitish or greyish qualities.

Also, I wonder about hacks with color patterns using black or red rawhide. This kind of rawhide must be dyed. Doesn't dying alter the characteristics of the rawhide, e.g., flexibility and resilience? Usually, red or black or other colors are only used for the nosebutton and the heel knot. But I once saw a hack in the internet with bars of black rawhide. Is black rawhide as good as rawhide of genuine color?

I would be very grateful for any information.

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