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Default Accuracy

I don't know how well I'm going to do at explaining this. It's just something I've been wondering about, and would like to get it out there.

I'm thinking about accuracy in the feet when it comes to both groundwork and riding. Is there a point at which being too picky or accurate becomes detrimental to the horse?

Case in point: moving the hindquarters over on the ground. My horse does this well. She steps well under her belly at the slightest indication from a feel in the rope. She's soft, there's always a float in the line.

But as long as she's soft, crossing her hind over, and has a good attitude, is it as important HOW she moves her feet? As in, do I need to be really careful about what foot she does or doesn't pivot on? Does it matter that she scoots her hind around really fast, or should it be slower? I feel like if I worried about these things and "worked" on them that it'd border on drilling. I've been told by others to be this picky, but it seems to be counterproductive to me.

Just wondering if it's better to be accurate than nitpicky, and how that can be done.

Sorry if this post makes absolutely no sense.
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