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I read some of your post about this horse and you. You sound like your heart is in the right place. However, choosing an eight year old green broke 161/2 hand TB is akin to playing with dynamite when all you are ready for is sparklers. Yes, you will learn a lot along the way, if you survive, or are not seriously maimed. I am not kidding about this. I see it all the time. I would find someone who can give you appropriate riding lessons on a broke horse. Those people are even hard to find, because many of them are not what they present themselves as, so be careful. What you are attempting is like learning to be a doctor from books and videos. If you do not have at least a year of riding under your belt, on various kinds of horses, all the games and groundwork in the world cannot save you, if you do not understand what it is you are doing when you are on a horse's back. I would stay away from Parelli's system. It will enable you with a false sense of superior knowledge that will prove to be woefully lacking when you try to ride. Unless all you want to do is play in the round pen.
I have trained horse's professionally for now over 30 years. You cannot buy it. But you can start where you need to start. Unfortunately, what you need to know first, you are going to end up learning last, and usually after you are hurt. I my opinion, what is seriously lacking in most of the "natural horsemanship" enthusiasm is good generic riding instruction, and unless you are just a complete natural, it is a discipline you have to teach your body. I am only responding to you to scare you a little on purpose, based on your comment on your experiences with this horse so far. Just saying, be careful, is meaningless, because you may not even know what careful is. A big part of horsemanship is learning how not to get hurt!
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