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Default Elevating the front end

A few months ago I got some tips from a dressage rider/trainer about what to do to make my horse reach up underneath himself more with his hind legs being it at a walk, trot or lope. I had to figure out how to modify his way of cuing to my way of riding (although I still ride my horse in a snaffle, I humor myself thinking I ride within the boundaries of Classical or Traditional California Horsemanship). This works, my gelding really reaches up underneath himself now and when I want even more I know how to get it. When doing so, as a “byproduct” he rounds his back (more), his head and neck come up a bit and he gets lighter on the front end.

The other day while I was jogging along I thought of “just” elevating the front more to lighten it up and to also rounding the back more. I did it how we discussed it previously by lifting my hands – without pulling his head up – while I also touched him with my legs/spurs in the cinch area to encourage him to elevate the front and round up his back more. It worked fine. I could see and feel his head/neck/shoulders get elevated and his back get up and rounder. It was a feeling I only can compare to riding a bike when you lift the front so that the front wheel hardly touches the ground.

I liked it and I think there has to be place for doing so. However, I do not want to be pulled over by the Traditional/Classical California Horsemanship police handing me a ticket because I am riding front to back while we all try riding back to front.
I fancy the idea that I was NOT riding front to back, which as I understand, is “slowing the front motor down and kicking the back motor up” (Les Vogt).
What is your thought on this?
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