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Wooly Marmot
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Default Traditional Spade Bit

I've been trying to learn more about Spade bits because, and call it a pipe dream of you want, I've dreamed of taking a horse Jaquima to Freno in the traditional Vaquero way for some time. But with the things that have been added to the process, mainly snaffle bits and half breed bits, finding out specific details about the traditional way has become a little difficult sometimes. So I would like the answers to two questions: (1) from what I've learned it appears that most traditionalists will ride a horse straight up with a Spade bit no less than 4 inches long and usually around 5 inches. But what I want to know is are special or shorter Spade bits used during the Two Rein or would they use the same bit they would ride straight up with? (2) Some Spade are solid allowing the cheek pieces to move none at all while others allow the the cheek pieces to slightly rotate independently of one another so that braces may pop back and forth to give the horse a cue. What I want to know is do rotating cheek pieces have any place in traditional Vaquero method *or are they a more recent idea? Because if they aren't traditional I won't bother messing with them. Thanks for any helpful input.
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