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Default How to slow a horse down

I for one like horses that have some go in them. But yesterday I was riding a horse that had a hard time slowing down. I was out riding with a small group and the horse walked out nice but kept wanting to speed up. He would trot ahead while the others were walking. I know I need to work on transitions with him, but my question is how do you work on slowing a horse down without pulling on his face?
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That is the problem with group rides. If the speeding up has to do with the other horses, then the training has to involve the help of the other horses and riders as a group, in a disciplined way, as a team kind of thing. But that is hard to do, and not much fun. The only effective thing I have done on certain horses in those conditions, is not going straight, but weaving down the trail when possible. I have never had a great solution to horses in groups speeding up, except to say, see you guys when you get there!
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If you only pick up on one rein at a time, you're not pulling on his face. You're just slowing down one side at a time, which ends up, as was mentioned, as weaving back and forth, which makes going faster more work for him. And the second you feel him soften and slow, reward with slack and with letting him go straight.
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