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From Horseman Joseph Bruce "As a serious student of Horsemanship, I feel no horse can be truly obedient with-out "collection'. I feel that this means that the horse is carrying himself in such a way that he has maximum control over body and limbs. He is moving ( or standing) "at attention'; His mind is not distracted by the usual equine thoughts of food, or Deamons in the bushes, but he is ready to respond instantly to the signals, or 'aids', transmitted by his rider's legs and hands. The French term" rassembler" is a perfect definition, for the collected horse is "gathered together' between legs and hands. I need to emphasise the use of the legs "sine quae non" true collection is impossible. The balance point (which changes with movement) must be in harmony. However in the fight or on the job as opposed to the classical riding manege the finer ideals of equitation were and are neither essential or practical; it was enough if the horse will obey the simplest aids. Sometimes if one will pack me and my saddle, without a lot of fuss, then"Descendis". Above all one must ride to the highest ability, for one to experience this. A horse in my experience will not go well in a Hackamore for one who does not ride well enough to use it.( or anything for that matter) A poor workman blames his tools when "Fit fabricando faber" is the only true way."
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For the rider
one year on LLine on fully trained horse- trained by your teacher

then learning to train with your teacher

then learning to teach with your teacher

For the horse

Bend both lateral/longitudinal
Time to develope strenght
(About 10 years to the highest level)

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