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Default colt starting

I have started some colts with a pack saddle and good pad, with a light load (1 salt block on each side) in pack bags. I tie them down with a lash cinch to avoid any bouncing around, and go on a short trail ride led by an experienced saddle horse. This is of course after ground work in short sessions for as many days as it takes to get the colt comfortable and confident. It seems to be quite natural for him, and gets his mind on something constructive. His confidence with carrying a load seems to come quickly. Even if he's a little bronco, it passes quickly as we just move out. The transition to carrying a rider seems to be pretty seamless. Does anyone see any problems with this method? Hope this isn't a stupid question, like I'm missing something obvious. If this has already been discussed, could someone please direct me to the thread? Thanks a bunch.
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