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Default Thought on the houlihan?

Hey guys, This is my first post and was needing to ask a question.

I am having heck explaining how to throw the houlihan. I can show this person but trying to explain it is the hardest part. So I was wondering if you could explain diffrent ways of how to throw it? This particular person really wants to learn.


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I'm definitely no expert but living in Texas I had to teach myself how to houlihan. I think the way the houlihan drops is more dependent on the way your hand is when you throw it than with the swings you take. To get that nice flat loop my hand usually looks like I just made a slam dunk with my fingers flat and palm down. I'm interested in the way others do it seeing as how I'm probably not completely right in my technique.
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The houlihan is a backhand swing. What makes it different is the release. When you release your thumb should be pointing down and your palm should be perpendicular to the ground.
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The houlihan is reverse swing, meaning you swing it clockwise. It can be swung completely vertical, nearly flat, or anywhere in between. Use your whole arm when you swing it and deliver it with your palm and thumb down. It can be a one swing throw or multiple swings. You can also stack coils into it to make it go further. If you practice enough, you can use this shot to throw out to the end of a 60 ft rope. Check out Buck Brannaman's book Ranch Roping to find a good way to explain how to swing and throw this shot. Good luck!
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Travis Morgan Horseshoein
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Check out the Martin Black videos on youtube.
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Rex Easley
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Houlihan can be swung as a Houlihan swing with the thumb down. This is a difficult swing to maintain for more that a couple swings. the loop will want to figure eight from the roll of your wrist. I like a backhand swing in to a Houlihan delivery. This allows the loop to stay open a lot easier. The power for this swing comes from the pull, front to back then let the rope relax from the back to the delivery. The back hand swing is a thumb up swing. The delivery is thumb down which is the Houlihan. The angle of your swing depends on the speed of the cattle. I usually try to angle my swing to the angle of the animals face, ears to nose. For fast running animals your angle may have to stand up more. For animals facing and standing still, a little flatter loop works good. For long distance shots I may add 1-3 coils in my thowing hand. The way I do this is to split my spoke and my loop with my pinky and set even coils into my palm side by side, then I secure the coils by pressing all but my pointer finger against them. Coils will want to roll over each other in a houlihan swing but will stay put on a backhand swing. Hope that helps. lol
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The only thing this video is missing, is a video...
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