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Default Ranch Roping Event

I am thinking of organizing a ranch roping event in my area. I want to get some feedback from people on what they would like to see. I am interested in hearing what others enjoy seeing or would like to see at an event. I am thinking maybe:

-Doctoring both 3 man and 2 man (what animals would you like to see doctored besides cows, bulls? mules? buffalo? I have access to a lot of different animals and am toying with the idea of some different things)

-A called shot event, where each round a person has to do a particular shot in order to advance. For ex. a figure-8, Houlihan, overhand, backhand, scoop loop, hip shots, over the hip shots, Del viento, Contra Del Viento, Johnny blockers, and side arm.

-In the 2 man events each person must complete a head shot and a heel shot.

-Do you like to see them come out of the herd? or out of a shoot and into the arena?

-Multiple head within a time limit? Or one per team per round?

-What about including stock competitions like sorting, penning, or maneuvers?

What other things would you think would be cool to see at an event? Any thoughts are appreciated...
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I can see the usual out-of-the-chute "jackpot" type of roping most anywhere, any time, and I only have to go down the road a mile.

Called shot and out of the herd, "real ranch" roping, I'd like to see, and it would be interesting to see handling to doctor something besides calves.

For myself, I do mean "see", 'cause I never was a hand at roping, much less on the green pony I just started, but I'm close enough to Utah to show up and get educated, unless you're so far south you can throw a rock into Arizona.

What time of year are you thinking of putting this together ?
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It will be in the fall, I will definitely keep you posted as details become available. Does anyone else have any input on it? If it were to be a called shot event paired with a team doctoring what shots would you like to see?
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Steve C
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Damn shame I live on the other side of the world, would love to come to such an event, good luck with it.

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If it were me putting on a called shot event. I would have different classes for different level ropers and have the advanced people throw the advanced shots. The lower level ropers throw lower level shots. Just my opinion.
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