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Jimmy, great video again! What are you using to film it? I'd like to make a few videos myself but haven't found a good way to go about doing it. I really like how your horse is coming along. You are doing a lot of good with this horse. I think there needs to be more discussion on what you talked about in the video, the idea that you are trying to ride with less leg. It isn't really developing leg cues, more overtime the horse is responding the changes in your leg as a result of the way you ride. Wendy Murdoch has done a lot to teach this, riding with the horse instead of against it mentality. Similar to your quote we are "Training with them, instead of training on them" "trying to work from a little bit, to get a lot. Rather than starting with a lot, putting a lot to them to get a little" Lots of wisdom in those words.

Just a note, when I am starting young horses, I always back up a few steps every time I stop. I am always looking for ways to get that horse to rock back on his hind end and really engage that back end. Keep up the good work, and keep the videos coming I think a lot of people can learn some good things from this you are doing well.
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Thanks for your kind words.
The camera is just a run of the mill video camera and a tripod, and a friend. I purchased an inexpensive video editing program to edit, voice over. I am learning how to do this myself. I had to learn how to save it, and upload it as well. I am no computer genius.
I am trying to actually put good actions to good words. There is plenty of talk, and not much proof while it is going on. So I am trying to be truthful, and do what I say, as I say. No sense sounding profound, when the work is not profound. Trying to keep it real, as they say.
It seems to separate BS from something useful. I am not pretending to be great or better than anyone. I just want to document progress, and provide proof of some theoretical understandings. Can I back up what I think is going on, what is possible, with what is actually happening? Can I show there is some continuity and progression of the application, or procedure, of training and riding? Maybe. I am trying to document what my thoughts are about how I am approaching this, and if they are even close to reality. So I am doing this for me as much as anything. The horse will validate the experiment, I hope.
As to trying to work from a little, as far as the stop goes, for instance, there will be plenty of time and occasions to get her on her hocks, without over handling her. She is just now learning to back up well, without being awkward. She is just learning to back perfectly straight. So I feel it needs to be separated from the stop, and executed well,before you can use it to improve the stop. The stop is coming from her desire to stop, any way she wants to. She is picking up on not going when I stop going. Her natural balance is pretty good, but more important, mentally she is wanting to. It is more important at this point she learns to stay straight. The stronger she gets, the better it will be. A little bit ago, I was rubbing her with the coils of my lariat and I goosed her by accident. She jumped ahead two strides, and when I picked up my rein just to regain her, she stuck her ass in the ground and made it squeek! So it all in there. It is a little bit about having faith in it, and being patient.
No need to get greedy. LOL
I am trying to work from a place where you can let things happen, even if they are not what you want at first. When something good shaped up, I think, hey that's something I can use!
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