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Default Historical question

Hi @ all

I couldn't find it in the books I read so far or in the internet. Maybe there is someone here who can help me? Can anybody tell me when the hackamore as we know it today, i.e., braided, made of rawhide and with the typical shape, emerged? When I look at pictures of vaqueros until the late 19th century I always see a kind of cavecon under the bit but no hackamore as used today. I learned that the Spaniards brought the so-called jaquima to the Americas. This type of jaquima looked similar to the bosals still used today in Colombia for gaited horses which are leather nosebands, but not braided and not made from rawhide. Somewhere I read that the indians who were native in California were masters of braiding in general and experts in the use of rawhide. I'm wondering whether the indians who worked the cattle for the missions and later for the ranchos became acquainted with the leather nosebands the Spaniards used and, using their favorite material, made the first braided rawhide hackamores? Or did the Spaniards, coming from the south of New Spain bring rawhide hackamores with them when they settled in Alta California? I know that in middle and south America rawhide is very common for horse gear. Or had the hackamore been invented in California? I know that the roots of the hackamore reach far back to the moors several hundred years ago and there must have been several kinds of antecedents. But when and were occured the braided rawhide hackamore as we know it today?

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I have heard and read different theories. One presented on the Vaquero DVD series, is that what came from Spain was a braided nose band with the reins on the side, and at some point, some Spaniards in the Americas moved the reins to the bottom. It seems to all be conjecture, and there was no documentation, because I don't think anyone thought they were doing anything important, and most didn't or couldn't write anyway. It is interesting in a nerdy kind of way, because the California hackamore, two rein system became unique. I guess because the job was unique. I think it's interesting, but not that important in the scope of things. I like a hackamore horse. But if I was using historical precedent, the snaffle bit is about the oldest bit in history.
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