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Default Hi, y'all.

Hello glad to find this site! I was doing some "homework" and pondering on training ideas today when I came across it. Lots to think about, and some great discussion

I have a nice young mare that is coming along well. She is my first effort in the methodology of developing a bridle horse, but I have been riding and starting horses for some time. We have recently hit some snags, so I have been hunting for resources to help me puzzle through what's going on and help her figure it out. We're both a work in progress My mare is a pleasure to work with...willing, athletic and brave. I'm really just trying to do her justice. We are working mostly in the hackamore, though sometimes I go back to the snaffle if we (I) are really struggling with something. All in all, I'm having fun with the process, and am pleased that she is doing so well. She does best when she has a job, even if it's just ponying silly colts or dragging logs. One of the nicest things I have heard is "she seems like a very useful horse".

Aside from working with my mare, I also start a few colts here and there, as well as help the local "dressage" riders figure out why their horse "just suddenly started bucking, out of the blue". Ha!!

Currently working on building a tiny cabin on a friends farm, and enjoying the simple life I also keep dairy goats and make cheese...yum!

Very glad to be here...I will try to keep my mouth shut and learn stuff!
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