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Default Steve Guitron "Working" Bosals

I'm looking for opinions on the Steve Guitron "working" hackamores/bosals available for purchase on his website. I know he does great work and has some really fancy rawhide. I was just wondering if anyone has used specifically the less expensive working hackamores and bosals and if the quality and feel is still there with the lower plait? I dont have the money for the real expensive ones and I saw that his working bosals are around $70 or so. I'm looking to get a 1/2" bosal and just hoping to get some feedback before purchasing. Anyone ever used them before?
Also, if anyone has leads on horsehair or mohair mecates that aren't real expensive that would be great as well.
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Originally Posted by DocsMinnieElixer View Post
Also, if anyone has leads on horsehair or mohair mecates that aren't real expensive that would be great as well.
Mohair mecates are really nice. I have a Hagel Mohair mecate that I got with the bosal from a braider. The 8 strand mane hair 1/2" mecate I bought on ebay from Josephinasilversmiths is nice. I would not buy a Jose Ortiz bosal, but I've considered trying one of his mecates. (don't own one yet)

For a good bosal you can take a peek at the Rawhide group on FB. It's a closed group, but most of it's members braid bosals and there are many good braiders in the group. I would recommend Alan Bell, for example. He braids a lot of bosals and his work is very nice.

Another nice option is a cotton bosal. They are hard to find, but easier to make yourself than a rawhide one. I braided an 8-strand cotton bosal over a slender synthetic rope core to limit stretch. Then I added some simple leather knots in series to create a nosebutton & sidebutton. I tied on a cotton breaking rein, so it has reins but no leadrope. To quote Len Yule, "if you get your horse giving to a cotton bosal, moving up to a rawhide bosal later on is like having power steering".

Good luck! Aloha,
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Buy the best that you can afford. Quality gear usually lasts much longer since it is well made, and in the long run, you won't have to invest as much money in your collection since you won't have to buy things twice! Happy shopping!
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JB Horse
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Default JB horse

I prefer Vince Donley bosals over Steve Guitron.

I prefer Horse hair, over anything. Make sure the it is made from quality main hair. Even use of quality main hair can be ruined by substandard braiding.

Any items done by hand will vary. Each mecate has a different "feel."
I want to feel of a number of mecates, before choosing.
This can vary from maker to maker.
Buy quality -- save up, if you must. I have plenty of "stuff" laying around that "taught" me what not to buy. Should buy the best, first.

I like to find out what those with best results, & research the materials / makers. This does not ensure success, but can give you some ideas.
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One of the things that Richard Caldwell taught me was to "take pride in the things you put on your horse, that pride will carry over into the horse. If a horse has no pride, he won't become as good as he could be" Richard was extremely meticulous in the gear that he used, it is one of the reasons why I think he understood horses so well.
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So who here has used Gail Hought hackamores?
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